A touch of Woodstock inspiration for your day….

Now while Woodstock was a little before my time (yes, it was!) I LOVE. love. love all things boho chic (think Tree of Life addict!!) and Woodstock fashion inspires me:)

Luckily I have the most beautiful friends who will walk along grassy paths for me  – despite their intense dislike of all things grass 😉

Thanks Kelly for being such a sweet hearted soul that your beauty just shined right on through x

PS: Keep an eye out on Kelly’s blog and see what she thought about the experience of being my muse for the day! http://www.handmadetearsandtriumphs.com/




Kelly HTandT - There is no need to thank me darling, it was an absolute HONOUR! It was an amazing experience, pushing the boundaries and trying something new felt really… invigorating :) And to see the amazing results, what a confidence boost! You are incredible. Thank YOU.

Amy Tong - Beautiful!!

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