Taking commitment to a whole new level….

As a photographer I consider myself extremely lucky. Not only do I have the privilege of sharing in a family’s excitement as they prepare to welcome a new little person into this world, and get to spend time with their new little one once they arrive, but I get to spend time with people with a drive, dedication and commitment to being the absolute that they can be – my fitness clients.

Whilst I myself am not a competitor (just one look at me would give that away!) I am equally as driven in different areas of my life (work/research) and therefore have some understanding of the sacrifice that these individuals make to achieving such a refined and chiseled form. They dedicate themselves 100% to this and for that I have much admiration for them:)

As I prepare to spend time with my clients in October (comp time!) I wanted to share with you some of the work I have done to date.

And to anyone competing I wish you much luck!



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